3. Choosing Bar Review Course

Do I need a Bar Review Course?

  • Foreign candidates – very likely yes you need it, because the U.S. laws are in some ways quite different with traditional common law
  • U.S. local graduates – not necessarily, but still preferably yes you need it, because:
    • Bar Exam tests application of law in practical setting and federal law / majority states law, but your law school might have focus too much on academic theory and state-specific issues
    • You need to reflect upon what would be included in the exam syllabus, especially if you have forgotten for long what you have previously learnt
  • Types of Bar Review Course can be broadly categorized into either traditional “full service” and emerging “self study” Bar Review

What did I personally end up with?

  • I chose both (1 “full service” and 1 “self study”) for preparation of my New York Bar Exam, because I thought they would complement one another
  • I’ve had a pretty difficult time of following the study plan suggested by the bar review courses that I had enrolled in
  • My personal opinion is that the teaching methodology of both bar review courses I attended is not effective – in my next article, I will discuss in details of the problems associated with those bar review courses
  • Regrettably I am not going to publicly disclose the courses I had enrolled in specifically in this website because I don’t want to get into any trouble with those courses – However, you are more than welcome to message me privately to enquire more about my experience

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