About Chill Bar Review

Expert in U.S. Bar Exam

Why are laws
so long & complicated?

Laws are supposed to understandable.

We study laws because we want to achieve something big.

However, traditional methodology of legal studies is getting us confused.

A good legal education should be something like this



Straight to the point.
Only memorize the essentials.


Start from scratch

Assume every student is a beginner.
Build a solid foundation.


Plain language

In an understandable manner.
Even layman can comprehend.


Within the syllabus

Cut the crap.
Just teach the necessary, nothing more.

Life is too short to waste on unnecessarily repetitive reading.

Laws should be educated simpler.

We should learn effectively, but not be blindly fed with all the materials.
Most Law Students, deep in their hearts

i exactly share all your feelings.

That’s why I created Chill Bar Review.

I will keep everything concise. Efficiency matters the most.

I will explain the laws in an understandable manner. Even laymen can understand.

I will teach you to study smart, so you can have time to play hard.

Stay chill, and leave the rest to Chill Bar Review.

Cut the crap. Straight to the point.

Chill Bar Review

Guiding you through the U.S. Bar Exam,
in the most concise way ever.