1. Becoming New York lawyer

How to become a US lawyer?

  • Choose a particular state (among the 50 states of US) where you want to become a lawyer
  • Pass the Bar Exam administered by that particular state

Which state should I choose?

I recommend New York, because:

  • New York is the largest international financial hub, providing exceptional career prospects
  • US Biglaw firms offer extremely lucrative salary to New York lawyer – even junior lawyer earns much more than USD$200,000 a year
  • New York lawyers are globally competitive – almost all foreign jurisdictions over the world need New York lawyer for cross-border work 

ho administers the New York Bar Exam?

  • New York State Court is the ultimate authority to decide if a person can become a New York lawyer
  • New York State Court delegates the administration of Bar Exam to another entity, namely “New York State Board of Law Examiners

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